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Verdione Project Wiki


In this wiki you can find documents, media, reports and any other kind of relevant information about the Verdione project at ifi. Our group is working on the dependability and adaptability aspects of the project (see the fourth work package (WP4) in the Project Description). Your contribution is very important to make this an effective tool in our group, so please upload any document that you consider relevant to the other members and let's start creating new pages :).

The members also have access to the Verdione svn repository: You can use it to share documents subjected to version control, such as source code files. You can put links to these documents here if necessary.

For further information about the Verdione project visit the Verdione website and the Verdione Developers Blog.

New Pages

WO Tests


CANOE workshop 2010

Verdikt conference 2010

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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